International School Penang

The International School is a facility for foreign students who wish to continue their education in Malaysia. Penang International School has been a home for students from different parts of the world. This is an amazing opportunity for those who are planning to pursue education in Malaysia. It offers a lot to the students as they learn here not only about the country but also about themselves. In fact, the students who learn here have greater opportunities for finding jobs here than at any other part of the world. So, it makes this school an ideal destination for you to continue your education.

International School Penang

Uplands International School (Penang) – Established in 1950, Uplands International School is the oldest international school here. It offers many different courses in the areas of science, humanities, commerce and business administration. Apart from that, it offers classes that prepare future professionals with diploma in the early years, primary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Fairview International School Penang – A private institution, Fairview International School is another branch of Uplands. The curriculum of this school is also based on the’oldschools, hence the emphasis on social studies, humanities and liberal arts.

As per the British Curriculum, International School Penang offers courses in early childhood, primary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Some of the subjects that are taught in these levels are Mathematics, History, English and Science. The International school offers International Certificate Program, International BBA, International Certificate, International Masters and International MBA.

The International School in Malaysia offers various subjects that are taught in the early childhood, primary and secondary levels, providing the students with a thorough grounding in subjects such as English, Math, Science and geography. These courses help the students in developing different talents and skill sets that are essential for their development as individuals. The curriculum of International School Penang provides the necessary practical training in reading and writing, besides inculcating values and academic disciplines in the minds of the students. In addition to that, the school also offers foreign language and cultural learning modules that help build connections between cultures.

The primary module of the International School Penang focuses on the history of Malaysia. This course enables the parents to know about the early colonial and settlement period of penance. After this, the students are introduced to the society and civilization of penang through the introductory module. This course offers lessons in Buddhist monasteries, Muslim law, English and Malaysian society. The Tenby schools opening Primary and Secondary Levels offer the subject courses such as Mathematics, Environment, Geography, History, English and Asian Folklore.

The secondary module of this school provides a thorough introduction to education, with a view to imparting knowledge on the principles of discipline, cost-effective learning environment, cultural diversity, communication, leadership, teamwork and research. The school provides the subjects in science, mathematics, humanities, arts, humanities, culture, literature, history, English and Comparative linguistics for the students. The primary module also provides information on the socio-cultural aspects of education. The subjects offered in the syllabus of the International School Penang include Business, environmental protection, law and legal protection, global warming, government, human rights, local language, medical, nutrition, physical education, religious education, South-east Asian languages, South-west Asian languages, television and film studies, culture and customs of south-east Asia, English language and literature, family life in penang, cultural diversity, religion and tourism.

The International School Penang provides the certificate program in science, environment, geography, and physical education. The certificate programs enable the students to apply for higher level studies in International School in Penang, Malaysia. The International School Penang provides two types of educational courses. They are the International School Certificate Program (ISCP) and the International School Masters Program (ISMP). The International School Certificate Program can be selected from the usual subjects offered in the primary school. The International School Masters Program empowers the students to become professional scientists, engineers, and related professionals.

The International School in Penang also offers a number of certificate courses for the students who want to pursue a career as teachers in primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom and a number of selected countries in the world. In order to study in any of the schools that are associated with the International School Penang, you will have to fulfill certain admission requirements and other criteria. For instance, you will have to have adequate education and English fluency and you will also need to pass the primary education test. The certification exams and teaching examinations conducted by the pending state board will ensure that the students have acquired minimum qualifications to participate in the programme.

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