BEYOND POLUS – the process

Treatment with beyond polus

Each time the treatment is performed by a skillful hygienist under the supervision of a dental specialist. initially, there is an evaluation of the patient’s teeth color and a debate about the outcomes that the patient is anticipating. This is followed by the careful protection of the patient's mouth and gums – the  preliminary stage of the procedure.

In the following step a whitening gel is smeared onto the teeth and they are exposed on a BEYOND POLUS lamp. It is also worth to mention that during this introduction to the lamp light, destructive ultraviolet and infrared light radiation is removed, gratitude to an extraordinary filtration light system. In this fashion, just blue-cyan light remains, that is focused in a very strong stream which infiltrates within the teeth and triggers  whitening preparation. Extreme sensitiveness may appear to some individuals but for the most part vanishes within three days after the end of treatment. In the event of a tireless hypersensitivity fluoridation is suggested. It quickly eases the agony and removes temporary inconvenience. Irradiation and use of gel is performed three times and after every stage there is a check of the level of whitened enamel. Towards the end the registered result is deliberated, yet it is worth to say that the last and final color come into existence in a week time.

Shortly after treatment the teeth are especially touchy to colors in nourishment, refreshments and the smoke originating from a cigarette. For this reason it is important to obey the alleged white diet for no less than 2 days after surgery. It is an obligatory condition to get the snow-white grin. In real life, this implies maintaining a strategic distance from nourishments that may change the shading of the enamel, i.e. items having dim shading e.g. .: espresso, tea or red wine. Furthermore, every patient gets an extraordinary paste that ought to be utilized with understanding to suggestions of the dentist. Because of the progressing mineralization is not recommended for anybody under 16 years old. The persons, who should not use the whitening techniques are women who are pregnant or breastfeeding