Teeth whitening - a key to success

teeth whitening Poland

Present day teeth whitening is a viable approach to get a lovely, solid and brilliant white smile. "Hollywood smile" is a perfect grin to which numerous individuals aspire, as it is in a certain way a business card of a man and is additionally viewed as one of the characteristics of attractiveness quality and wellbeing. Yet, we ought not let ourselves to be controlled by popular trend magazines, where the photographs are modified in Photoshop and teeth excessively whitened, because it is impossible to achieve such an effect in a natural way. But we can always try to save some time, and the perfect solution for people who would like to have an amazing smile is a method BEYOND POLUS applied in a medical center that we cooperate with. It is a method that rapidly allows to get the teeth to 7 tones lighter than we had before and remove some color inconsistencies.


Contingent upon the initial condition of patient’s mouth, before whitening treatment it is advisory to go through hygenisation process, which permits to eliminate tartar, residue and stains. The average cost of hygenisation treatment is: 77 EUROS for 2 dental arches. The treatment incorporates: ultrasonic scaling, sanding, polishing and fluoridation. The cost of using BEYOND POLUS is 239 Euros. Because of the uncommon terms of our cooperation with the facility, the cost for You is just 119.5 Euros.