BEYOND POLUS whitening lamp

Beyond Polus

The utilization of BEYOND POLUS whitening lamp brings no harm to the teeth and can likewise be utilized on patients with excessive teeth hypersensitivity. The treatment takes around an hour and the effect is intact for about 2-3 years, contingent upon a man's way of life and care for oral hygiene. It is not wise to utilize any stimulants or to smoke. The consequence of whitening depends to a great extent on the mineral condition of the enamel, however it is worth mentioning that it normalizes a week after the procedure. At that point you can consider supplanting part of teeth, that are not whitened enough, i.e. crowns, fillings and other dental things that will be unmistakably diverse in color from the rest of the teeth. It is worth to consider this when arranging a visit and book additional time. On account of dead teeth a whitening strategy is utilized, that lasts around 2-3 weeks and it is worth to be patient. In this case a dead tooth is loaded with a three times concentrated whitening substance.

While deciding on a suitable dental clinic and whitening techniques always remember about your protection and safety – those should be the key factors. The trust in a good clinic is an assurance of the right technique, and the BEYOND POLUS will allow you to appreciate the spectacular effects - accomplished in a generally brief period of time.