The medical center

medical center krakow

The medical center with which we are cooperating offers free helpful materials and data in regards to the correct care  and prevention. All doctors and personnel are prepared for your questions and they are ready to deal even with the smallest uncertainty you present them. The ideal complement to the present care are preventive meetings or consultations, that may be attended by anyone, disregarding the age of a person. During a dental checkup, a doctor checks completely the mouth, teeth,  the gums and starts a meticulous medical history of a patient. On particular occasions a preventive project will be developed.


Prevention is the most imperative step in the periodontitis and tooth decay treatment. Especially precarious is bacterial plaque which, after 72 hours period on the surface of the tooth, mineralizes and changes into tartar. The tartar can influence the advancement of diseases of teeth and parodontium, called periodontitis causing the tooth extraction. The tartar stores around the tooth root and the microscopic organisms (bacteria) that may be present on the surface cause aggravation of the gingival pockets, which eventually leads to the presence of a subgingival analytics. The latest studies have demonstrated that irritation of the gums, and periodontitis influences not just the elderly and smokers – what is a common supposition. The affliction additionally applies to an expansive group of individuals not exceeding 30 years old, and to the individuals who reckon that they have never ever smoked cigarettes.

An indication of gum problems or parodontium may be a scent from the mouth and bleeding that takes place while brushing teeth. Be that as it may, the first indications are moderately hard to see. in the event of seeing any of the above manifestations you had better contact your dentist. The clinic to which we  direct the patients, has extraordinary skillful doctors in the field of periodontics. Those are the specialists with the unparalleled knowledge who will guarantee the correct assessment of the current situation at an early phase of a problem and prepare treatment to cure the patient as quickly as possible. On account of individuals who are at the advanced phase of the illness, the facility gives exhaustive specific treatment, which ensures good therapeutic effects. It is also worth mentioning that periodontology is a field that deals with the treatment as well as prevention of paradontium.